Small Iron Parts - Tool Manufacture - Mechanical Workshop


Die-forged Parts up to about 1,5 kg

Franz Lück GmbH is an extremely productive die forge with many years’ experience. Founded in 1949, the enterprise is led now in the third generation by Georg Lück

Our principal strength is flexibility. Thus, we can manufacture small and medium series at a very fair price, and we are particularly flexible in case of eventual design modifications. We are a reliable partner to our customers from shuttering technology, hydraulics, wagon and power plant building as well as from chain factories and other branches of industry.




Franz Lück GmbH sees itself as a total supplier:

  • from the construction of workpieces and tools,
  • the selection and acquisition of materials,
  • the fabrication/treatment by forge practice,
  • the thermal treatment,
  • surface working and coating to
  • the stockkeeping tailored to suit their needs,

the customers of Lück Gmbh receive everything from the same hand. Of course the products which are leaving our house will be painstakingly controlled. For quality is our top priority!